Anonymous whispered: Have you ever meet 1D??? Or been to a concert? and will write in any other language?

i haven’t met them :( and i’ve seen them open for BTR, on the up all night tour, take me home tour and I’ll see them twice this summer! and no i don’t know any other languages, sorry!

glambeauties whispered: Hey could you please give me a master list of all your preferences and imagines ?

i have no idea how to create a masterlist… sorry :(

Anonymous whispered: Do you do dirty preferences?

not really

Anonymous whispered: Can you do a preference where you're dating a member and you're best friends with a member of the wanted and he doesn't like it (please put Harry's and Nathan's together) please and thank you (: You're writing is amazing!

i don’t really know anything about the wanted and i don’t even know their names so idk how good it would be. :(

He leaves for tour...


Harry : Harry’s flight was scheduled to leave in an hour. The airport had reserved a private lounge for the boys. Everyone sat around chatting and taking pictures and just having fun while time passed. The boys were excited but also sad. You were just really sad. You kept checking the time, not…

Someone walks in on you guys (REQUEST)...


Louis : “Mmm,” Louis moaned as you kissed his neck. You were staddling his lap in his dressing room. It was about an hour before the show, so you didn’t have much time together because he’d have to get ready in a few minutes. “Lift.” He sighed and you lifted your arms up so he could remove your…

You stay overnight at his house but your just friends (request)...


This is part 1 with Harry. I will post the rest of the boys later :)

Harry : "Do you mind if I take a shower?" You asked your best friend, Harry. "Go ahead. There are towels in there already." He told you. There had been a massive snow storm preventing you from going back to your flat across…

Anonymous whispered: Could you write a preference where you're embarasses about something? Like having glasses but he tells you not to worry?

yeah :)

Anonymous whispered: Can you do one where you manage the band or something and you date the one of the boys?


send in requests!

haleesepulveda25 whispered: Hey my names Halee, can you make me a 1D preference about Zayn, and he cheats, and is really sorry and wants me to forgive him after I find out? Thanks so much!! Xxx

i don’t do personal requests

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