How you meet…


Niall :You were a huge fan of One Direction.  You bought tickets to see their show in your hometown, you had terrible seats but were just excited to be going.  A few days before the concert you found out about a contest hosted by a local radio station to interview a member of One Direction.  You promptly send in your video entry with the questions you would ask.  You were charming and great on camera.  It was one day before the concert when you were notified that you had won the contest!  You arrived early at the arena the day of the concert and met up with the radio station that hosted the contest you won.  They told you that you would get to interview Niall! You were thrilled because secretly, he’s your favorite.  You were surprised that you were able to keep calm through the interview, but you were actually quite good.  You and Niall definitely had chemistry, you were flirting and joking around in the interview.  You even stole his snapback!  He jokingly asked you to go to Nando’s with him.  After the interview and after the camera stopped rolling he walked up to you and hugged you, “You know I wasn’t kidding about the Nando’s date.”

Harry :You were sitting third row at a One Direction concert.  It was only there second song when you made eye contact with Harry. Three songs later he points to you as he sings.  During Liam’s solo in One Thing, Harry keeps pointing to you.  He bends down and whispers to the security guard.  You were freaking out on the inside, but you tried to tell yourself it was nothing.  Then the whole concert went by and nothing really happened.  Finally I Want came on and the security guard walked up to you and asked you to stay after the concert.  The song was done and the crowds started piling out.  You stayed.  You told your friend you would drive yourself home and call her in the morning.  Then the same guard come to you and brings you backstage.  “Hey, love.”  Harry smiles at you.  You spent backstage talking and kissing a bit.  When you left, you exchanged numbers and texted eachother all night.

Zayn :You were on vacation in London with your best friend.  You decided to visit Milkshake City because you’d heard so many great things about it.  You arrived and it was complete madness. You had no idea why, but you decided you would come back later and try again.  As you pushed through the tons and tons of screaming girls to get back to your car, you tripped and was instantly trampled. Your friend helped you up, but you were badly hurt.  “Here, (Y/N), lean on me for support as we get out of here.”  Your friend said as you hobbled off to an alley, it was the closest place away from the crowd.  You sat down in the alley and wiped blood off your legs and examined your quickly swelling ankle.  A door from the building you were leaning against opened and Zayn Malik and Harry Styles walked out.  Zayn made eye contact with you and he saw you were hurt.  He jogged over towards you.  “You alright babe?”  He asked.   “Yeah, just a little banged up.”  “Here let me take you ladies to your car.”  He lifted you up and carried you to the taxi waiting for them at the bottom of the alley.  It dropped you at your car, you said your thank yous and got out.  Zayn stopped you and gave you his number.

Louis :You and your family were on your way to London for a family trip. Your mom was sleeping in her seat in the coach area.  Your dad was watching a movie with your little brothers.  All of a sudden your little four year old sister gets up and starts running.  You get up to chase her and you wind up in the First Class lounge.  “(Y/L/S/N) Get back here!”  You whisper shouted.  You saw her fall to the ground. And soon two hands were helping her up.  “Were you looking for this little one?”  It was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!  He was helping your little sister.  “She is so cute.  What’s her name?”  He asks.  You tell him and chat a little bit.  Louis is so good with your sister.  “(Y/N)  I’m tired!”  Your little sister pouted as you chatted with Louis.  “I’d better go.” You tell him.  He pulls you in for a hug and gives you his cell number.

Liam :You had just gotten over a breakup and your best friend dragged you out to a party you did not want to attend.  You forced yourself to make yourself presentable.  You looked pretty hot in your red bodycon dress and stilettos.  Your friends all danced and talking to guys but you were feeling really awkward on the couch by yourself.  A boy comes and sits next to you.  ”Partying isn’t your thing either?”  “No.”  You smile.  He was super cute.  “I’m Liam.  You are?”  He asked.  “I’m (Y/N)  Nice to meet you.”  You chatted a bit and exchanged numbers and soon you started dating

He steals your phone…

Liam : He takes your phone without you knowing and goes on twitter and tweets a bunch, “i love @real_liam_payne” “my boyfriend liam is wunderful.”  “hi guys im a wierdo.”He also replies to a bunch of people telling them weird facts about you.

Zayn : He took a bunch of photos of himself and set one as your backround.  Then he uploaded like ten of them to twitter. 

Harry : He went on your instagram and took a picture of himself and uploaded it with the caption ”hotsexyboyfriendstagram” it was a dead giveaway Harry had stolen your phone.

Louis : He sent out a mass text message to all your contacts, “hello everyone i just want to let you know i am in love with louis tomlinson.  he’s got a nice ass.”  Your mom texted back immediately and he replied, “his ass makes me happy, mum.” 

Niall : He changed his contact name to “Niall loves (Y/N).”  It made you smile next time you got a text from him :)

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Someone walks in on you guys (REQUEST)…

 Louis : “Mmm,”  Louis moaned as you kissed his neck.  You were staddling his lap in his dressing room.  It was about an hour before the show, so you didn’t have much time together because he’d have to get ready in a few minutes.  “Lift.” He sighed and you lifted your arms up so he could remove your shirt.  You quickly pulled his off as well.  Your hand traced up his defined abs as you moved your lips from his neck to his lips.  His left hand was on your lower back and his right hand swiftly unhooked your bra.  “Hey, Lou,”  Fizzy, Louis’ younger sister, was standing in the doorway of the dressing room.  Louis quickly covered you up.  “Sorry!  I was just going to say that Stan is here.  I didn’t mean to interupt.”  Fizzy ran out quickly.  You buried your red face in your hands.  “Oh my gosh, your sister just totally saw my boobs.”  “My sister just saw me mauling your boobs.”  Louis laughed.  “It’s not funny!  That was humiliating!”  You groaned.  “Just be happy I hadn’t pulled it out yet.”  Louis smiled cheekily and started unbuttoning his pants.  “The mood is dead, Lou.”  You smirked and picked up your bra.  “Oh come on!”  He whined.  “Stan is here anyway.  Now help me put my bra back on since you took it off.”  You turned around so Louis could hook your bra on.  He started kissing your back.  Suddenly the door opened.  “Lou!”  Stanley, Louis’s best friend, had barged in.  “Shit.” You sighed and covered yourself yet again.  “Looking fit as always, Y/N.”  Stan smirked.   ”She’s mine, mate.”  Louis kissed you before walking to his best friend to give him a hug.

Harry : You were at your boyfriend Harry’s mother’s wedding reception.  It was a small gathering, just close friends and family.  It was the first time you’d met most of Harry’s extended relatives.  Harry was the best man to his new step father.  You couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous Harry was looking in his tux.  You were a little tipsy as was he and you kept giving each other looks from across the room.  You knew you were in for a good night.  “Please take your seats, dinner will be served shortly.”  The DJ announced to the reception.  You took your seat next to Harry, across from the lovely bride and groom, and Harry’s sister Gemma, along with Harry’s cousins and Gemma’s boyfriend.  You were on your second glass of wine and nearly finished with your meal when you felt hand on your leg.  You looked over to Harry who smirked slightly, but didn’t break his conversation with his cousin.  His hand moved slowly up your leg and under your dress.  He was cheeky for sure, but you weren’t expecting what happened next.  He slid his finger into you quickly.  You nearly spit your food across the table.  “Y/N, you alright?”  Anne asked.  “Yeah, babe, are you okay?”  Harry asked.  “Fine.”  You managed to get out.  You decided to to get Harry back.  You moved your hand up his leg and began palming him.  He let out a soft moan.  “What’s going on?”  Harry’s stepfather asked.  “Nothing.”  Harry smiled.  As soon and Anne and her husband left the table to go to the dance floor, you and Harry ran out of the reception hall.  You found the room that had been used by Anne to get ready and he pulled you in there.  You knew you didn’t have much time, you quickly pulled off your dress as Harry took off his tux as quickly as possible.  Your lips met in a lustful kiss as your hands tangled through Harry’s curls.  He lifted you up with your back against the wall.  The party was loud, so nobody would hear you, so you guys didn’t both being quiet.  You didn’t even hear Gemma calling for you both.  “Harry, Y/N, are you in there? We are cutting the cake, Mum is looking for you!”  Gemma busted through the door and caught you both in the act.  “Oh God,”  She quickly slammed the door shut.  You heard he chuckles as she walked away.  You and Harry quickly put your clothes back on and fixed your hair.  “I can’t go back out there.”  You complained.  “That was pretty embarrassing.”  Harry agreed.  “I doubt Gemma told anyone.  It will be fine.”  Harry assured you.  You both hurried back to the party and when you entered, all eyes were on you and Harry.  Snickers and laughs were heard everywhere.  “Nice, mate.”  Harry’s cousin patted his back.  Anne gave both of you a disapproving look.  “I think she may have said something.”  Harry whispered to you.

Zayn : Zayn invited you to spend the week in Bradford with him to meet his family. You and Zayn had been dating for a while and he wanted to introduce you his family.  All of Zayn’s cousins were coming over tonight for a big family dinner and you were pretty nervous.  “What if they don’t like me?”  You asked Zayn.  “Babe, they’ll love you.”  You and Zayn were in his old bedroom getting ready for dinner.  “I’m nervous.” You admitted with a laugh.  “Don’t be,”  Zayn kissed you passionately.  “I know that they will love you as much as I do.”  You kissed him back and deepened the kiss.  “I love you, Zayn.”  You pulled away quickly and then continued the kiss.  Zayn then kissed down your neck.  “I,” kiss.  "love," kiss. "you." kiss.  He trailed kissed down your neck to your chest.  “We can’t do this now.”  You told him, but you didn’t mean it.  “We have time, it will be fine.”  Zayn pulled off your dress and unbuttoned his pants.  You laid down on his bed and he moved on top of you. He burried his head in your neck, nibbling softly as your bodies moved in sync.  “Zayn,”  Suddenly, the door was open.  Zayn’s mother was standing in the doorway looking horrified.  “Yours cousins are here.” Her face was pale and she backed out of the hallway.  “That was the most embarrassing moment of my life.”  Zayn said.  “Your mom definitely hates me now.”  “She doesn’t hate you.  I think she was just shocked.  No mother wants to see her son having sex in his childhood bedroom.”  Zayn laughed slightly, but he was definitely humiliated. 

Liam : Liam’s family was taking their annual trip to Florida and he invited you to go along.  This was your first trip with his family.  You’d met them several times before and you got on really well with his sisters, but you were nervous to go away with them.  You tended to get pretty awkward in nervous situations.  But Liam really wanted you to go, so you did.  The first day of the trip went really well, but you got wicked sunburn.  That night when you and Liam returned to your shared hotel room, you had him rub aloe all over you to relieve the pain.  “Y/N, you need to wear sunscreen!  You look like a lobster.”  Liam laughed.  “Oh thanks, Li.”  You said sarcastically.  “A beautiful lobster.”  He smiled and kissed you lightly.  “More aloe on my back!”  You demanded in pain.  “I’m going to have to take your shirt off.”  Liam gently pulled your shirt up and began massaging aloe vera onto your super burnt back.  You felt him gently kiss the sides of your neck as he rubbed in the aloe.  “Mmm, Liam.”  You moaned lightly.  He moved in front of your and gently laid you down and he held himself up about you.  He removed his clothes and your remaining clothes.  He kissed all over your body.  “Liam,” You moaned kind of loudly as his kissed your inner thighs.  You moved so your were on top and you trailed kisses down his abs.  He moaned louder and louder as your kisses moved lower.  “Y/N! Yes, Y/N! Fuck!”  He moaned once you where right where he wanted you.  He flipped you back over and you guys were at it.  You didn’t even realize how loud you were being until you heard a knock on your door.  “Liam, could you please keep it down.  We can hear you very clearly from our room.”  Liam’s mother spoke through the door.  “Sorry!” Both you and Liam yelled.  “Um, that is awkward.”  Liam sighed as he rolled off you.  “I don’t think I’m going to be able to face your family tomorrow.” 

Niall : It was the last night of the Take Me Home tour and you and Niall had gone out with the boys to celebrate.  You had to be up early the next morning, so you stuck to one drink, but Niall on the other hand, was wasted.  He was a funny drunk. You laughed as you watched him dance awkwardly with a drunken Zayn on the dancefloor.  “Y/N!”  Come here!”  Niall yelled across the room.  You laughed and headed over towards him.  “I love you so much, Y/N.  You are the best and you are great in bed.”  Niall hugged you and put all his body weight onto you.  “Alright, Niall.  I think it’s time to go.”  “Say you love me.”  He insisted.  “I love you.”  You told him and kissed his cheek.  “Come on, Nialler.”  You supported him with a struggle as you walked to the taxi.  The whole ride, Niall had tried to make out with you, and you finally gave in.  He was sloppy, but still hot.  The taxi brought you to the hotel and you hurried into his room.  He pulled off his clothes and almost tumbled down in the process as soon as you closed the hotel room door.  Then he began removing your clothes.  You were making out on the couch when things began to move further.  Niall pulled you on top of him.  He was a moaning mess.  Then before you could cover yourself up, a very drunk Harry and Louis were in the room.  “Holy shit!”  Harry laughed.  “Nice, Y/N.”  Louis yelled.  “Fuck.” You groaned and covered yourself with pillows.  “Let us join!”  Harry suggested.  “Get out!”  You yelled.  Niall was too drunk to realize what happened and he was soon fast asleep.  You hoped Louis and Harry wouldn’t remember what just happened in the morning.

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