Your on your death bed (part 2)…

Harry : “Has everyone said their goodbyes?”  The doctor asked.  Your mom took your hand as you laid in the hospital bed like a vegetable.  “We can’t just pull the plug on her!” Harry yelled.  “Harry-“  Louis tried to stop him.  “She could wake up!  There’s always a chance!”  Harry sobbed.  “I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how it’s possible that she will ever get any better!  The only reason she isn’t legally dead is because this machine has her heart still beating!”  The doctor told Harry.  Your mother was sobbing and your father held her.  Your best friend tried to comfort Harry.  “Please, can you just examine her again?  See if there’s any progress.  Give her 24 hours.”  Harry begged.  The doctor saw the pain in Harry’s eyes.  “Harry, it’s got to happen sometime.  We can’t keep hoping she’ll pull through when she won’t!  It’s emotionally draining for all of us.  We can’t handle it!”  Your father told Harry.  “We just need to be sure there is nothing more we can do!  We can’t loose hope!”  He cried out.  “(Y/N) wouldn’t want to being laying her like this.  She wouldn’t want us all to spend the rest of our lives here in the hospital hoping she’ll wake up when she’s practically already dead!”  Your best friend yelled. “Harry’s right.  Doctor, will you please examine her again?  See if theres any improvements?”  Your mom chimed in.  Everyone stopped arguing and fell silent.  “Okay.  But I’ll need everyone out of the room.”  Everyone left.  Harry took your mothers hand, “(Y/N) isn’t ready to leave us.  I can feel it.”  She said.  An hour passed before the doctor came out to the waiting room.  “I thoroughly examined her.  It still doesn’t look good, but there is a 10% chance she will pull through.  Any progress she’ll make will happen in the next 48 hours.”  Harry hugged your mother.  “I knew it.”  He said smiling slightly. 36 hours later.Nobody had wanted to leave you alone in the hospital, but everyone was so exhausted.  Harry refused to leave though.  Louis stayed with him.  There had been no progress, you still had a 10% chance of pulling through.  Both Harry and Louis were dozing off when the doctor and a nurse came through the door.  “What’s going on?”  Harry asked half asleep.  “Our monitor shows brain activity and increase in heart rate.”  The nurse explained.  “What does that mean?”  Louis asked.  “It means that her body is starting to work for itself.”  The nurse smiled.  Harry and Louis hugged each other.  “Is she going to be okay?”  Harry asked hopefully.  “She’s in a coma, but there is a good chance she is going to be waking up.  It’s just a matter of when.”  The doctor said.  Harry called your mother and everyone came down to the hospital.  It was still the same game of different people staying the night with you every night.  But each day a little progress was made.  Harry had to go to record for the next album, but they’d found a studio only two hours away.  He came to the hospital as often as he good.  Finally he got the call, “Harry, she’s awake.”  Your mom told him.  “Yes!  Thank God!  Yes!”  He screamed out.  Harry hung up and the boys all waited anxiously for the news.  “She’s awake!”  He smiled.  The piled into a bear hug.  Harry’s eyes filled with tears yet again but they were all happy tears.  He left the studio to get to the hospital.  He finally got there and the doctor said visiting hours were over, but he allowed him to see you for a little bit, but since you were now in recovery, you needed rest.  “Hey babe.”  He smiled handing your a bouquet of roses and a stuffed cat.  ”Hi.”  You smiled as big as you could.  Harry leaned over and kissed your lips softly and gently.  ”You know, that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had.”  He said.  “My lips are so dry and cracked, you’re lying.”  You laughed a bit.  “I didn’t think I’d be able to feel you kiss me back every again.”  He explained.  Harry climbed in to the hospital bed with you and laid his head on your shoulders.  “Don’t ever scare me like that again.  I’m so happy your okay.” He told you.  “My mom told me you wouldn’t give up on me.  Your the one who refused to pull the plug.  You’re the reason I’m alive.” She smiled up at you.  “I love you.”  He said.  “I love you too.”  The doctor came in and told him he had to leave.  But Harry promised to be back first thing in the morning.  “It’s still a long road to recovery, but it is truly a miracle she is going to be okay.”  The doctor told Harry as he left. 

Louis : 22 hours passed.  Louis sat beside you praying for some sign of progress.  He stared at your damaged body.  All the bruises and bandages wrapped around you.  It killed him to see it.  The machine made a weird noise.  “Can I get someone in here?”  Louis called out the door.  “What’s the matter?”  The nurse asked.  “This machine just made a weird noise, I need you to make sure it’s still working properly.”  He told her.  The nurse checked it out.  “It’s working fine alright.  It seems it beeped due to change in condition.  I’m going to call the doctor in.  But we’re going to need you to leave.”  The nurse explained.  “Okay.”  Louis kissed your forehead before walking out the door.  Ten minutes later the doctor came out with a big smile on his face.  “What was the change in condition?” Louis asked.  “I’m happy to inform you it’s a positive change.  We’re going to take her into surgery now and see what we can do.”  He said.  Louis smiled a bit.  “Does it mean theres a chance she’ll be okay?” “Theres a chance.”  The doctor smiled. Three hours later.”We were able to get everything working properly again.”  The doctor told Louis and your family as they sat in the waiting room.  Everyone got up to hug each other and even hug the doctor.  Happy tears flowed throughout the room.  “But, it’s likely she’s going to have some kind of amnesia.  We don’t know how severe or if it will be permanent or not, but she will probably have a case of amnesia.”  He broke the bad news.  It was clear everyone was gutted, but still happy you were okay.  “Can we see (Y/N)?”  Louis asked.  “When she wakes up and after we examine her.”  An hour later the doctor walked back to the waiting room.  “She’s awake.  She has no memory of the accident.  And based of the events you’ve told us about she doesn’t remember the day of the accident either.  It’s seems the accident only caused damage to her short term memory, and it isn’t too severe.”  The doctor explained to everyone.  “So will only be able to remember things that happened a long time ago?”  Your mom asked.  “Hopefully not.  We can’t be positive but it looks like she just won’t remember the accident or day of, ever.  It common in cases like this.  I think her memory will be fine.”  The doctor smiled.  “Louis, why don’t you go see her first.”  Your mom urged him along.  “Louis.”  You smiled.  Louis’ eyes filled with tears.  “Hey, love.”  He smiled.  “Please tell me what’s gone on?  Why am I in here?”  You asked.  “There was a bit of an accident, but your fine now.”  He smiled.  “How bad was it?  Who was with me?  Is everyone else okay?”  You began to panic.  “Shhh.”  Louis took your hand.  “Everything’s fine.  It’s okay.”  He kissed you.  “I’m so glad your okay.”  He told you.  “I love you, Lou.”  You laughed not understanding the seriousness of the accident, you thought Louis was being dramatic.  “I love you too.”  He kissed you again.

Zayn : Two hours later the doctor was back in the waiting room to give Zayn news.  “She isn’t dead is she?”  Zayn asked standing up.  “No.  We were able to operate in time.  She’s lost a lot of blood but luckily we had her blood type and were able to transfer some more in to her body.  She’s doing better.”  He smiled.  “Can I see her?”  Zayn asked.  “She’s been asking for you.”  He told leading him to your room.  “Hi, Zayn.”  You smiled weakly.  “Babe.”  He kissed you.  “Climb in with me.”  You smiled.  Zayn did as you told and wrapped his arms around you as he kissed your neck.  “Ow.”  You cried out.  “Sorry!  I’m so sorry.”  He said.  “It’s fine, it just hurts if you squeeze me.”  You smiled.  “Could you ask the nurse if I can take some pain killers?  It’s hurting really bad.”  A tear trickled out of your eye.  “Of course.”  Zayn got out of the bed carefully.  “Doctor!”  Zayn said as he left the room.  The doctor was standing two feet away.  “What can I do for you?”  he asked.  “(Y/N) says she’s in pain.  Can you give her something?”  Zayn asked.  The doctor called over the nurse and the nurse went in to your room.  “So (Y/N) is going to be okay?”  Zayn asked.  “It looks as though she will.  As long as she stops bleeding there shouldn’t be anymore complications.  And she’s stopped bleeding.”  He smiled.  “Thank God.”  Zayn said returning to your room. 

Niall : Three days went by without you regaining any brain activity.  But finally something changed.  You were out of your vegetative state.  “We got!”  The nurse yelled.  They pulled your bed out and headed to the operating room.  “What’s happening?”  Niall asked.  “Her brain is starting to become a bit active.  Now that she has activity, we can operate in hopes of speeding up the process.”  The nurse told him.  The surgery was long.  Six hours.  Niall waited impatiently in the waiting room.  Constantly getting up to ask if there was any news.  Soon the doctor came out and gave Niall the great news.  “Her brain is working fine.  There is damage done to her memory.  She will have to go to physical therapy to relearn some basic mechanics. But she is going to do just fine, she’s lucky she isn’t paralyzed.”  “Oh my God!  Oh my God!”  Niall stood up and spun in circles so thrilled with the news.  Niall went in to see you.  “Niall!”  You said when you saw him.  “Thank God, you’re okay.”  he hugged you.  Part of your hair was shaved and wrapped in bandages.  “They cut my hair.”  Tears streamed down your face at the thought of it.  Niall giggled.  “You look beautiful.”  He smiled.  “Thanks.”  You kissed him.  “You know I thought I was gonna loose you.”  He stroked your forehead.  “I wouldn’t leave you.”  You took his hand and gave it a squeeze.  “I know that now.  I love you so much.”  Niall leaned and gave you the most passionate kiss you’d ever received. “I’m so grateful you’re okay.” 

Liam : It was beyond frustrating.  You could hear Liam’s voice.  You could hear everything he’s saying.  You wanted to squeeze his hand, you kept trying but nothing happened.  You wanted to scream.  You felt like a baby, you couldn’t express yourself.  You wanted to cry like a baby.  “Oh my gosh!”  You heard Liam scream.  “Doctor!  Doctor!”  He yelled.  The doctor ran in.  “Do you see this?  That’s a tear!  She’s crying!”  Liam yelled.  “She is.  This is a very good sign.”  He told Liam.  “I never thought I’d be happy to see my girlfriend cry!”  He laughed halfway.  “We just got to keep waiting.  But it looks like she could be waking up very soon.”  The doctor left the room.  “(Y/N), I loved seeing that tear, even though I hate knowing your upset, but that tear means your getting better.  It’s the first step.”  He took your hand again.  He held it tight giving it squeezes. You tried to squeeze back. “(Y/N)!”  He yelled.  “I felt that!  Come on, keep showing signs!”  Liam smiled.  He kept talking to you but soon he began to fall asleep.  It must have been hours since he’d fallen asleep.  But your eyes shot open.  You saw him.  You saw Liam.  You looked around the hospital room.  “Liam.”  You said quietly and weekly.  His eyes rolled open slowly.  He jumped a bit when he saw your eyes open.  “You’re awake!”  He shouted.  You smiled a bit.  You still felt so week.  But finally you could do what you wanted.  Your body was in control.  “I’ve got to get the doctor to come look at you!”  He ran to the hallway and you heard him speak to a nurse.  Soon the doctor came in. He examined you and said you needed to stay here over night.  Liam gave your parents and the other boys the news and they were all at the hospital as fast as could be.  “I’ve got to run out.”  Liam told Zayn.  “Stay with her, make sure she isn’t alone.”  He told him.  “Okay.”  Zayn nodded.  Thirty minutes later Liam returned to your room.  Zayn, Louis, Harry and Niall left once he got back.  “What do you have there?”  You asked looking at the back.  “The Toy Story DVD’s and tons of candy.”  He smiled.  He popped in the DVD’s and crawled in the bed with you.  You two snacked on candies and watched all three DVD’s before falling asleep. 

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