PART 1 : He breaks up with you because of management (request)…

Harry : "How was the meeting?"  You asked as Harry walked through the door.  "We need to talk."  He said coming to sit down beside you.  "Is everything alright?"  You were getting worried.  "(Y/N), I think we should breakup." He looked away from you after he said.  Tears flooded your eyes.  "What?"  You asked.  You couldn’t believe this.  Things were going so well.  "I’m so sorry, (Y/N)."  Harry stood up to leave.  "You aren’t even going to give me an explanation?"  You cried.  He glanced back at you briefly and saw the mascara tears running down your face.  He looked away with pain in his eyes.  "I really didn’t want to do this.  Believe me.  I really am sorry."  Harry was gone.  You buried your face in a pillow and cried.  It hurt so much.  He didn’t even tell you why. Harry left for the meeting this morning kissing you and telling you how much he loved you and he returned from the meeting to breakup with you.  A million things ran through your head, was he cheating?  Did he not like you?  Did he ever like you?  Were you too ugly?  Too young?  Boring?  Was he going on tour?  But it didn’t cross your mind until you saw a tweet on twitter from a One Direction fan account, "apparently harry and (y/n) broke up because management wanted harry single." You were shocked how quickly word about your breakup got around.  It’s only been a couple hours.  Had Harry already made a statement?  Normally you wouldn’t believe what the fans were saying, but this made sense.  He returned from the meeting with management ready to dump you and he couldn’t give you an explanation.  This hurt you even more.  You never meant anything to him.  But you didn’t know if you could really blame him for doing it.  What else was he supposed to do?  If management said it had to end it had to end.

Zayn : “Hey, babe. Can we talk?”  Zayn called to you.  “Yeah.  What’s up?”  You asked walking on to the balcony to see Zayn smoking.  “I feel like such a coward and an asshole,”  Zayn puffed a cloud of smoke and then dropped the cigarette in an ash tray.  “believe me when I tell you, I don’t have a choice.  This is not what I want to do.”  “Just say it Zayn.”  You blurted once you realized what was happened.  “We have to breakup.”  He said the words and your face went hard.  You weren’t going to let him see you cry.  “Management says its in the best interest of the band and I can’t hold the boys back.  I’m so sorry.”  He tried to take your hand but you pulled it away.  “I’ll go get my stuff and leave.”  You said heading for the bedroom to pick up the things you’d left there.  Zayn was coming after you.  You didn’t want to see him, the tears were starting to form. “Um, you know what.  Just throw all my stuff out.  I’ve got to go.”  You said rushing away.  You didn’t want him to see you cry.  “(Y/N),”  He said.  “Bye.”  You ran out the door.  Zayn must have been in such a difficult situation.  He had to choose between his own happiness and the success of the band.  And he chose the band. But in his attempt to be selfless he hurt you.  Now you were being selfish only thinking about yourself.  You got to your car and the tears poured out.  He was the first guy you really loved.  You sat in your car crying for a while because the tears clouded your vision.  Your phone beeped and you wiped your eyes so you could see what it said.  It was a text from Zayn,”I hope we can still be friends.  you’re an amazing girl.  i’m sorry it has to be like this.” You deleted Zayn’s number and all the texts you guys shared and threw your phone in the back of your car and drove away quickly. 

Niall : ”I’m not doing it!”  Niall yelled during the meeting.  “I’m not breaking up with her.”  “Niall, with the new album dropping soon we need you boys single to gain interest.  You have to do it for the best interest of the band.”  He was told.  Four hours later.Niall had texted you saying you guys had to talk and he would be over soon.  That was two hours ago. Finally there was a knock at the door.  You opened and saw a puffy eyed Niall standing there.  “What’s wrong?  Come in.”  You told him.  He just shook his head.  So you gave him a hug.  “I love your hugs.”  He laughed but pulled away quickly.  Now he was actually crying.  “Niall, tell me what’s going on.”  You were getting worried.  Niall took your hands, “It’s time we broke up.”  You couldn’t process what he just said so you laughed, “I don’t understand.”  “It’s the last thing I want to do but it has to happen.  I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”  He said tightening the grip on your hands.  You pulled your hands away from him.  Tears started pouring down your face.  “Please, don’t cry.”  He said.  But both of you were crying.  “You should go.”  You told him.  He nodded and started to turn around.  “I love you.”  He said weakly.  That’s not what you wanted to hear.  If he loved you why was he doing this?  You closed the door and pressed your back against it and slid down putting your head between your knees to sob. 

Liam : You were on twitter when a series of tweets from Liam showed up on your timeline.  Very unlike Liam kind of tweets.  “@real_liam_payne : hate this.  hate management.”  "@real_liam_payne : feel like i’ve lost control of my life.  fuck this."  "@real_liam_payne : if i didn’t love the boys and the fans so much there is no way i’d still be doing this." The tweets worried you so you sent Liam a text.  He was away on tour and you missed him a lot so it hurt you to see he was upset and you couldn’t be there to comfort him.  Liam replied to your text, not answering your question asking what was wrong, but what he wrote completely shocked you.  “(y/n), i really hate what i’m about to do but i have to do it.  we need to break up.  this isn’t working.  i’m sorry and i wish u the best.” Liam just broke up with you.  Over text.  Liam was such a good guy, that’s not something he would do.   You laid in your bed crying and crying.  You were so hurt and so angry.  You smashed the framed picture of the two of you on your night stand.  You threw his jumper across the room.  A year of dating and you got no explanation and he didn’t even have the decency to call you up.  He did it over text. Your heart was broken over a text.

Louis :  Louis had gotten back from tour and he wasn’t as happy to see you as you expected he’d be.  In fact, he was quite rude and stand off-ish towards you.  You knew Louis well and he was stressing out over something and taking it out on you.  “Louis, what is bothering you so badly?  You are being an ass.”  You told him.  “Well, I’m glad you think I’m an ass.  It makes what I have to do a whole lot easier!”  He snapped.  “What do you have to do, Lou?”  You asked.  “Now isn’t the right time.”  He told you walking away.  His phone rang and he answered it.  You could only hear Louis’ end of the conversation.  “No.  Not yet. It’s fucking hard! I don’t think I can handle it.  Okay. Okay. Fine. I told you I’d do it so just leave me the fuck alone!”  He screamed into the phone and then threw it across the room.  Louis walked over to the bed and sat beside you.  His angry expression faded into something softer and sadder.  He burried his face in his hand for a few seconds.  You knew he was dealing with something terrible.  You started rubbing his shoulders and kissing down his neck.  “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. This is absurd.”  He said shaking his head. “What’s going on?”  You asked moving to face him.  “(Y/N), we need to break up.”  You were so confused.  He just told you that you were the best thing that ever happened to him!  “Louis.”  You said in disbelief.  “We can work it out.”  You cried.  “I’m really sorry. I really am.”  He kissed you cheek and stood up to walk away.  Your tears flowed rapidly now.  “Wait!” You yelled.  You ripped the necklace he’d given you for your 6 month anniversary and threw it at him.  He rubbed his eyes but then kept walking.  You heard the door shut and you cried even more.  You and Louis were done.  You couldn’t believe it. 

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