One of the other boys walks in on/finds out about you doing something bad /not good for you (request)…

Louis : Louis had invited the boys over to your shared flat.  You were having a terrible day so you decided to stay in the bedroom and try and rest.  You were extremely stressed out about school and stuff so you went out on the balcony and pulled out a joint.  You used to smoke a lot a few years ago but when you moved to London you put it all behind you.  Louis didn’t know your history of drugs, nobody really did.  But when you went home for a visit earlier that week you’d got caught up with old friends and old habits.  You promised yourself this would be your last joint.  Just then, Liam walked out on the balcony.  Your eyes got wide.  “Oh.  I didn’t know you smoked.”  Liam said looking surprised.  “I don’t!  Well not usually, but I’m just really stressing out and-“  Liam cut you off, “Is that a cigarette or?”  “Marijuana.”  You giggled. You were a little high at this point.  “You do know thats illegal.”  He sat down in the chair beside you.  You dropped the joint and stepped on it.  “I know.  I’m done!  I promise.”  “Come watch the movie with us.  Louis wanted me to come get you.”  “Liam, can you tell I’m high?”  You asked.  “Your eyes are very red.”  He said.  “Maybe I should stay in here.  I don’t want Louis to know.  Please don’t tell him.”  You begged.  “If he asks I’m not going to lie.  But I won’t tell him as long as you promise to stop.”  Liam smiled. 

Harry : Harry had to go do a photoshoot so you were alone in his flat.  You logged on to twitter and checked your mentions.  So much of it was just hate.  “You’re ugly.”  “why would harry love you?!”  “fat slut!” Tears filled your eyes as you read them.  You couldn’t stop reading them and you were starting to believe them.  Finally you got yourself to close the laptop.  You laid in bed and cried for a while.  It was really hard.  Everytime you got on twitter people would tear you apart.  If you were out, people were taking photos of you and some people shouted rude things to you.  Being with Harry was totally worth all the hate but sometimes it was so difficult to act like it didn’t bother you.  You felt so insecure lately.  You walked over to the bathroom and took a razor and began slitting your wrists.  Tears streamed down your face and blood steamed down your hands.  Soon you started sobbing.  You didn’t even hear the door open.  “Oh my God!  (Y/N), are you okay?”  You turned to see Zayn standing at the door.  You quickly washed the blood off your arm.  “I’m fine.”  You did your best to flash a fake smile.  “What are you doing here?”  “Harry wanted me to come get something.  (Y/N), were you cutting yourself?” You took a step closer to you and grabbed your wrists.  “Please don’t tell Harry!”  You cried.  Zayn grabbed a cloth and cleaned your cuts.  “Don’t do this to yourself.  You’re such a great girl.”  He hugged you until you finally stopped crying.  “Thank you Zayn.” You smiled.  “No problem.”  “You’re not going to tell Harry are you?”  You asked.  “No.  But I really think you should tell him.  He’d help you, (Y/N).”  “I don’t want him to think I’m weak.”  You muttered.  “Harry knows how strong and beautiful you are.  He’d just want to help you.  He could really help you, (Y/N).  Please consider telling him.”  You nodded and Zayn and gave him one last hug as he left.

Niall : Since Niall had a passionate love of food, he was always eatings.  All your dates were to restaurants or home made dinners.  You started to feel like you were gaining weight so you told yourself you’d cut back on the food.  But Niall invited you to a dinner at Louis’ flat.  All the boys and their dates would be there.  As you ate, you felt incredibly self conscious looking at how gorgeous and skinny all the girls were.  Immediately you excused yourself and went to the bathroom.  You knew you shouldn’t do it, but you felt that you had to.  You stuck your finger down your throat and tried to make yourself throw up.  It was harder than it looked.  You kept gagging but you didn’t actually puke.  But you were persisent and kept trying.  “(Y/N)?”  Louis’ worried voice came through the door and without even a knock, he opened the door and saw you making yourself throw up.  “Love, what are you doing that for?”  He asked.  You broke into tears, you were so embarrassed.  “I’ve gained wait.”  You said sheepishly.  “Trust me, (Y/N), you’re beautiful.  I know Niall loves you just the way you are.”  “Thanks.”  You halfway smiled.  “I think you should tell Niall about this.  He’ll be there for you.  Eating disorders are dangerous.”  Louis hugged you.  “No!  I can’t tell him.  There’s no reason to.  I don’t have an eating disorder, this was the first time I’ve done it.  I’ll never do it again, I swear.  We can’t tell Niall.”  “Why can’t you tell Niall?”  He asked looking confused.  “Niall loves food more than anything. I don’t want him to think-“  You started to stay but someone cut you off.  “I don’t love food more than you.  Babe, you’re perfect the way you are.  Don’t ever make yourself throw up.  You don’t need to loose any weight.”  Niall wrapped his arms around you tightly.  You shot Louis a smile, knowing he was right, Niall would be there for you. 

Zayn : Zayn had invited all the boys over to the flat you and him share after a long day in the recording studio.  Niall and Harry were trying to cook some dinner when it turned into a bit of a food fight, resulting in Niall being covered in food.  “Zayn, do you mind if I borrow a change of clothes?”  Niall asked desperately.  “Go ahead, take anything you want.”  Zayn directed Niall into the bedroom.  Ten minutes later, Niall emerged from the room in fresh clothes, but he looked like he’d seen a ghost.  He walked over to Louis and Harry who were still attempting to cook dinner and began whispering.  Zayn didn’t seem to notice, he was glued to the TV, but you definitely took notice.  They signaled for Liam to come over near them and they began whispering to him as well.  All of the boys looked extremely shocked and worried.  You decided to go into the bedroom and see if your suspicions were right.  You checked the spot where you hid it, and it was gone.  “(Y/N), I think Zayn has a serious drug problem,”  Niall came in behind you.  “I found this cocaine.  Do you know about this?”  You swallowed nervously.  “We need to confront him.  He needs to go to rehab.  I know he smokes but I never expected cocaine!  This stuff is so dangerous!”  Niall whisper shouted.  “Niall, that’s not Zayn’s.”  You admitted.  “What?  Then who’s is it?”  He was very confused.  “Mine.”  You couldn’t let them blame this on Zayn.  “(Y/N), are you serious?  Does Zayn know?”  He asked.  “No.”  “I’m sorry but I have to tell him.”  Niall told you.  “No!  He will hate me, Niall, please!  I’ll quit! I promise!”  You begged.  “Cocaine is serious.  You need to get help.  Zayn will want to help you, (Y/N).  He loves you.”  Niall rested a hand on your shoulder.  “I doubt Zayn wants a druggie girlfriend.”  “Don’t think like that.  Come on. Let’s go talk to him now.”  Niall hugged you supportively and shot you an encouraging smile. 

Liam : You were at an amusement park with Liam and all the boys.  You were all about to get in line for a huge roller coaster, well all of you besides Harry, he was too scared.  “Harry, do you mind holding my phone?”  You asked, not wanting it to fall off while you were on the roller coaster.  “Sure.”  He smiled.  About ten minutes later, all of you emerged from the exit of the ride, caught up with Harry and decided to go get some food.  You all went to a small restaurant in the park.  “Babe, what would you like?”  Liam asked.  “I’m not hungry.”  You smiled.  “You sure?”  “Positive.  I’ll get us a table.”  You kissed Liam’s cheek and went off to find a table large enough for all of you.  “(Y/N), can I, um, speak with you?”  Harry asked awkwardly as he approached the table.  “Yeah.  Is everything alright?”  You asked.  “I’m just worried, so don’t take this the wrong way.  Do you, um, well, um, basically, I’m asking if you think you might be, um, anorexic.”  He bit his lip nervously but kept perfect eye contact.  “What?  No!  Why would you think that?”  You began getting defensive because you knew it was true.  You barely ever ate and you got really thin.  Harry handed you your phone and you clicked the screen to see a message from your best friend saying she knows you have an eating disorder and that you need to get help.  “I didn’t mean to read it.  It just popped up.”  Harry said before you could accuse him of anything.   “I’m fine, Harry.”  You said quickly and unconvincingly.  “Then eat something right now.  I’ll go order you food.”  You knew it would be easy to just eat something but you couldn’t without thinking of all the weight you’d gain.  Instead you started tearing up.  Harry leaned in to give you a hug.  “It’s okay, (Y/N).  All of us will help you get through this.”  Soon Liam walked over to the table and saw you crying and hugging Harry.  “What’s going on?”  Liam asked with a worried expression on his face.  “You got to tell him, (Y/N).  He’s only going to help you.”  Harry encouraged.  You nodded and finally admitted to Liam you had a problem.  He was more than happy to help you. 

** SO SORRY! I’m so sorry its been so long.  I’ve been terribly busy with school and such.  Also I’ve been having problems posting, so I apologize for the serious lack of preferences.  But I’m going to try and start posting more again, but I need requests! So send them in! If you’ve requested something and I didn’t do it, please send in another request.  I have a ton of messages in my inbox so sometimes I loose a few. 

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